So as a Reseller, you can target many different sectors. If a customer has left your app with dishes in their cart, a pop up will be displayed on their next visit to allow them to finalize their order directly. Your customers have the possibility to add details to their order thanks to a free field in the checkout screen. A good way to tell you about an allergy, the number of dishes they want to have, a particular cooking…

No need to enter their credit card in the app, your customers can validate their order and then pay it, in full transparency. Be it delivery or pick-up, let them order food on the go and pay ahead, fast and easy, with mobile ordering feature. To do this, you need to transfer the ownership of your app to the new owner, on each app store. In addition, you must transfer the ownership of the GoodBarber back-office to the new owner. To do this, you will need to contact the GoodBarber support team.

  • Everything you collect in your app is yours.
  • You are required to purchase your own Developer account from Apple and Google.
  • Make life easier for your regular customers.
  • Let customers make table reservations 24/7, right in your restaurant app.
  • It’s also an ideal solution for you to open up to a wider customer base without having to invest in a delivery service.

In short, everything is done to allow you to control the management of your orders without affecting the organization of your kitchen. You can choose different “Global Styles” to customize the app all in all or may just customize a given section. Our Restaurant app builder offers 9 templates for listing pages and 4 templates for stand-alone pages. You will be able to customize headers, fonts, background colors and navigation menus. Instappy has everything you need to create amazing, fully-loaded, and original restaurant apps – It’s hassle-free, quick, and you don’t need any coding skills. Choose from our built for success, fully-customisable restaurant templates, or create your own to launch your restaurant application for smartphones and tablets in an instant.


Their support staff are helpful and the interface is easy to navigate! Thank you for enabling us to give extra support to our customers with our customer app. It allows your customers to easily add dishes to their cart from the Home of your app or by browsing the list of your dishes. They will never have to leave the page they are viewing to add a dish to the cart. The team at GoodBarber has been incredibly informative and helpful during both the creation and maintenance of my app. I am not super tech savvy, and they always provide me with solid guidance on how to fix my issue or improve my app.

Main features of a restaurant app

Software is by far the best in the market, with tremendous capabilities for configurations.

Integrate a contact form to your app that will allow you to answer your customers’ questions or concerns. You can customize the form fields according to your needs. Make life easier for your regular customers.

Top Features

The Best App Builder on the Market, PWA at ease, and Native iOS assistance for the publishing issues. Many features and beautiful design layouts and a high level of customization. Recommended for individual Businesses or Agencies with a very good solution for the reseller program.

Main features of a restaurant app

You can create your app for Android, iOS or a mobile website using a Progressive Web App without a single line of code. Easily update opening hours and delivery slots in one click. With GoodBarber you can create a lot of different apps, we offer over 500 features.

You can define whether the discount applies to the entire check or to specific products, in a fixed amount or as a percentage. You can also create discounts for specific customers and add conditions of use. Discounts can be used to reward your loyal customers or to boost the sales of a particular dish. Unlike external delivery platforms that you may join, GoodBarber does not take any commission on sales made in your restaurant’s app.

And of course, no commission is deducted from your sales. Everything you collect in your app is yours. A presence on these platforms is not incompatible with having your own app for your restaurant. The latter will allow you to retain your customers and maintain a bond with them. GoodBarber apps are specially designed for iOS and Android. They benefit from GoodBarber’s expertise in Native Apps.

Also, Goodbarber’s customer support is excellent. With your app, you decide everything for your restaurant. You manage your menu, your orders, your time slots, your cash flow. You benefit from the best technologies to facilitate your sales and cash in quickly (Apple Pay, PayPal, credit cards, etc.).

Loyalty Programs

GoodBarber Restaurant App Builder allows you to build a mobile app for your Restaurant in a very easy way. Great tool, it has all features you need to build your own app or website. I have been a resller member for a month now. Easy to navigate and I have sold a couple progressive web apps and am working on native apps as well. Display your restaurant on a map and help your customers find you instantly. Points are detailed with text, photos, videos or sound to help you describe your establishment.

Main features of a restaurant app

All payments collected in the app are yours. If you want to build your app using a pre-built template, GoodBarber is ideal for you. At Global Academy, we almost completed the 5th year using their easy-to-use pre-built platforms to build premium Apps for our customers.

Push Notification

They can choose their time slot and be sure not to wait too long for their food. On your side, you define the duration of the time slots, and the maximum number of orders per slot. You can also choose the minimum time between an order and its delivery or collection.

Weekends are booked solid but mondays are usually slow. Reward diners for booking during slower days and off-peak hours with push and in-app messages. You are required to purchase your own Developer account from Apple and Google. Therefore, you are the developer of your app. GoodBarber is simply the tool to create it.

Main features of a restaurant app

Nothing like this to meet your customer’s expectations. Even though they still enjoy the atmosphere of restaurants, consumers have changed their restaurant app builder habits in recent years and now aspire to enjoy your food at home too. Very simple Stocks update via Back-office or “Shop Companion” app.

An Online Ordering Tool For Your Restaurant

This information is precious and allows you to know your customer base and to adapt to it. Ask foodies – There’s nothing more mouth-watering than looking at a dish as it’s being cooked by a chef. Add some flavours to your app with chef special videos in the HD video gallery. Draw in hungry and thirsty customers who are looking down to wind down after a long day, with special offers and promotions. Customise it to go with your branding – Add dishes, prices and mouth-watering images. Thanks to GoodBarber No-Code App builder, you don’t need any programming skills to create your app.

A button allows your customers to generate an itinerary automatically from their location. It can be an app to share your best pictures, videos through Social Media to promote your Restaurant as well as an e-commerce app for selling and delivering food. Great support and always very helpful answers. Nothing is too trivial for the team to answer. With the integrated login, your customer identifies themselves only once. Then, they are immediately recognized each time they launch the app.

They know your dishes and have their own preferences. Save them time by allowing them to renew an order they’ve already placed with one click. An option that can be very useful when they are in a hurry or very hungry. Our integrated feedback form enables you to get actionable insights into how to improvise your customer experience, fostering long lasting relationships and loyalty. The cost of acquiring a new customer is 5X the cost of retaining the existing ones. Keep them coming back with mobile-based loyalty and referral programs.

A Flexible And Lightweight Ordering System For You And Your Customers

Your app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Your App benefits from a referencing on the Stores and customer reviews give it visibility. The native features and the incomparable user experience they provide will allow you to keep your customers loyal and to maintain contact with them. Let customers make table reservations 24/7, right in your restaurant app. Accept secure payments and get notified for all your reservations in one place. For your customers who want to, offer payment outside the app, at the delivery or at the restaurant in case of click and collect.

I shopped around for different options when looking to build my app, and I am happy that I chose this company. The pandemic has significantly changed consumer habits. In the U.S., 68% of consumers say they are more likely to order takeout today than they were before the pandemic.